Breaking Barriers Meet Bristol’s Deaf Star on the Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is set to make its return to screens next week, and among the 12 contestants, there’s a unique addition from Bristol. Tasha, a 27-year-old participation officer, is gearing up to become the show’s very first deaf baker.

Tasha’s journey into the world of baking began with sweet memories of her childhood. She fondly recalls the delightful moments of licking the sugar icing from the tops of the fairy cakes her mum and grandma used to lovingly make.

As she progressed through secondary school, Tasha’s passion for baking continued to flourish. She not only baked delicious treats for her friends but also received encouragement from her Food Technology teacher to further develop her culinary skills.

With her unique perspective and passion for baking, Tasha promises to bring a fresh and inspiring element to The Great British Bake Off when it graces our screens once again.

Tasha’s baking journey is not just about creating delicious treats; it’s a powerful means of self-expression for her. She consistently takes on ambitious and nearly impossible baking challenges, consistently achieving impressive results.

As the highly-anticipated Channel 4 baking series makes its return to screens next week, Tasha will join 11 other contestants in the competition.

This year’s show will feature co-hosts Noel Fielding and Alison Hammond, with the experienced judging duo of Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith evaluating the bakers’ culinary creations.

In preparation for Tasha’s participation, an extraordinary effort was made by the judges to ensure effective communication. Both Prue and Paul took it upon themselves to learn sign language, recognizing the importance of inclusivity.

Prue shared her experience, stating, “She had a signer, so we all learnt a bit of sign language. Paul was terrific and he learnt a lot.

I just about managed to learn how to say ‘good luck’ and ‘well done.'” This commitment to inclusivity and support for Tasha’s unique journey adds an extra layer of heartwarming anticipation to the upcoming season of the show.

Tasha’s decision to apply for The Great British Bake Off was somewhat of a last-minute choice. It’s believed that her manager played a crucial role in persuading her to take the leap and submit her application.

In her interview with Channel 4, Tasha shared the story behind her application, saying, “My manager urged me to apply and was the one who basically made sure I got the application in (by badgering me on WhatsApp after every application advert at the end of the season 13 episodes)!” The persistence paid off, as Tasha was eventually chosen as one of the 12 contestants for the upcoming season.

When she received the Zoom call that confirmed her spot on the show, Tasha was overcome with emotion. She recounted the moment, saying, “When I had the Zoom call to tell me I was one of the 12, I cried! Daryl (my BSL interpreter) also cried! We were a mess.

” Tasha admitted that she was so surprised and unprepared for the news that she struggled to articulate coherent sentences during that momentous call.

Adding to the excitement and challenge of keeping the secret, Tasha revealed, “I also went on holiday with seven friends the day after finding out and could only tell one of them, so I was absolutely bursting with the secret all week!”

It’s clear that Tasha’s journey to The Great British Bake Off was filled with unexpected twists and thrilling surprises.

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